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We're always looking for more staff to join our team. If you write great copy, know a thing or two about design or love communicating with customers then let's hear from you!

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Why Work With MailMaster?

Work From Anywhere!

MailMaster is a fully online company and all our staff work remotely around the world. However just because we may not be in the same workspace doesn't stop us from having an awesome, light-hearted and fun company culture. We're big believers in work hard, play hard!

Work from a mountain top (hotspotting might be difficult) or from the beach (be warned: a sandy laptop is NEVER a fun experience) or anywhere in between. As long as you show up on time to all meetings and hit deadlines, we're good!

We're a big family that invests in your success

Cam the founder loves to learn about your deeper work and life goals so he can help you get closer to realising them and living your ideal life. 

We always set big goals in the business but link them to awesome rewards so everyone keeps winning at their role and their life. Want to go to the gym more? Cool we'll cover the membership... Or maybe you're into dancing? We've got you there too!

Flexible Work Schedules

Need to pick the kids up from school at 3pm everyday? Only have enough time to work 2 days a week? 

Whatever your situation, we'll figure out a work schedule that aligns with your life. We're always looking for more staff so can cater to your unique lifestyle needs.

And Much More!

We're creating an awesome company and will continue to put our team first in achieving this goal. A happy team leads to happy customers, so it all starts with winning internally first before we tackle this industry!

How To Apply

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Complete the relevant questionnaire

First we need to learn more about you, your skills, your experience, your motivations and, most importantly, what you like to do when you're not working. Company culture fit is more important to us than skill-fit, so we want to make sure we can get along with you on a personal level too!

Then we'll interview the shortlisted applicants

Next we'll complete Skype interviews with the shortlisted applicants to make sure we can communicate well together and learn more about you.

Finally we'll run through some tests and a trial period

To make sure we really do work well together in a 'live' environment we'll ask you to complete some role-related tasks (paid, of course)! Once we know you're talented and ready to work, we'll hire you on a trial period where we'll go through our training program.

Open Positions

Email-Oriented Copywriters

Do you know how to write kick-a*@ copy that converts a list or abandoned cart visitors into $$? If you love connecting to an audience through the written language then you're in the right place!

Email-Oriented Designers

Are you a whizz at making eye-catching and mesmerising images for email lists? We're always on the lookout for more designers to make our emails 'pop'. Let's hear from you!